For life

For life, formally All-Ukrainian Union "Center" is a political party in Ukraine registered December 1999 that has its current name since 2016. Since 2014 the party leader is Vadym Rabinovych. Wikipedia

  • Leader:  Vadim Rabinovich
  • Founded:  1999
  • Preceded by:  All-Ukrainian Union "Center" and Opposition Bloc
  • Headquarters:  Kiev
  • Ideology:  Social democracy, Soft Euroscepticism, Regionalism, Federalism, Parliamentarism, Russian minority politics, Russian speakers interests, Anti-NATO
  • Political position:  Centre-left
  • National affiliation:  Opposition Bloc, Soyuz, SDPU (u), Republican Party of Ukraine, Women for the Future, NRU for Unity
  • European affiliation:  None
  • International affiliation:  None
  • Verkhovna Rada:  3 / 450
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo